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We offer a Dubai residence visa service for clients looking to take up residency in the UAE.
We do this for clients for a variety of reasons, and despite being a “resident” this doesnt mean you have to actually live the UAE.
Many people take up a second or primary residency for taxation purposes and this has become something completely normal to do.


- Start a company yourself
- Become part of someone elses company (Employee, Partner, dependent)


We essentially you need a reason to be a resident of the country you wish to reside and in this case it is easiest to become one through business.

This means starting a company of your own which allows you to have a residency visa included in the package.

One of the requirements of the process is to complete a medical exam which consists of a blood test for any serious diseases (HIV) along with an eye test and taking of finger prints to register you in the system and process your Emirates ID which is the national identity card of the UAE.

This is a simple and one day process that takes the best part of a morning to complete. The whole process is overseen and guided by one of our Public Relations Officers who have over 10 years of experience in the field.

If you have any questions about the process you can ask us at any time.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with us today and depending on if you are at the start of the process or the end we will be here to guide you and your family through the residency process.

In terms of the time line for a residency visa you are looking at 1 week for company formation and a further week for residency approval usually.



Successful companies we have helped setup
  • Prompt, professional, yet easy going. The crew at Falcon Corporate Services have managed to set up our company in one of Dubai’s Free Trade Zone in less than three week, obtained all of our licenses, permits, and visas, and had our operation up and running in no time. Andy and his team of consultants were way more helpful than expected, picked us up at the airport, had our accommodation, transportation, and all of the legal procedure prearranged. All we had to do was “Show Up”. Thank you for all your help. You guys are amazing!

    -ashley carson
  • Interested in doing business in Dubai or the UAE, no matter where, whether inland, offshore, or in one of the “Free Zones”. You have to take advantage of the services offered by these guys. They do it all from corporate licensing, visits and residency visas, set up your office even your or your company’s bank account. They are very helpful, informed me with all of my options and provided me with their recommendations. The “no pressure sales tactics” were very appreciated by me and my partners. Saved us some $$$ and a lot of hassles. Highly recommended!

    -Florida Gator
  • I would like to provide a comment on service provided by Falcon Corporate Services Dubai to set up a business for my wife and I in UAE. Service provided by Falcon was outstanding, professional and very clear and transparence. Specially, I would like to comment on Mr. Alex Farrow’s outstanding support. He was always responsive, available and working with him, you feel you have a share goal and mission to achieve. Many thanks Alex!

    -Mohammad Y
  • Really impressed with the professionalism and hard work of the Falcon team all throughout my business set up process, I would recommend Falcon and will definitely work with them again.

    -John Steans

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