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One of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate a company is through offshore company formation in the UAE. With Falcon corporate Business Setup, you can start an offshore company in UAE, even without having to visit the country.


Falcon Corporate Services have registered several thousand offshore companies for a wide variety of reasons, give us a call today to register your offshore company.
We can register offshore companies within 24 hours.
Our Services Include

- Registered Office with P.O Box
- Registered agent
- Preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
- Preparation of registration forms
- Preparation of Incorporation Certificate
- Assistance for opening multi-currency bank account
- Filing with the registrar of companies
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Falcon Corporate Services and Dubai offshore company setup go hand in hand along with business registration in the Dubai, Ajman and Ras-al-Khaimah emirates in the UAE.
Falcon Corporate Services has been in the offshore setup business since the beginning.
Offshore companies are typically seen as the best way of utilising the benefits of the taxation status of the country in which you register the company but without having any physical presence as such.
What this means is with an offshore company you literally have a document stating your company is registered in that country along with a bank account to send and receive payments. No in country offices are needed or permitted along with residence visas.
Some of the most important benefits of this type of structure are its low cost to setup and the flexibility it provides by allowing its control and operation from anywhere in the world whilst having maximum tax free benefits.
Privacy with this type of setup is also a benefit with absolutely no public register of shareholder or director information being available thus being very popular for non compete issues and the nature of their secrecy.

- 100% owned by you personally or through a company.
- No Sponsor or local Partner needed
- No public register or Companies house of company officers
- Completely anonymous so privacy for you and your company
- Company permitted to own real estate properties on approved areas.
- Bank Accounts with full range of multi-currencies.
- There are no foreign currency restrictions
- Exemption from all corporate and income taxes for the business
- Moving profits and capital to home country are permitted.
- Low cost business setup in comparison to onshore.
- No office or staff onshore to pay
- Very low Share Capital requirement
- Minimum requirement of one Director / Shareholder


UAE Mainland Business Setup


Company registration in Dubai Mainland or any other mainland jurisdiction in the UAE is one of the most popular options that entrepreneurs prefer. Speak to one of our experts to learn about the advantages of setting up a company in UAE mainland.


UAE Free Zone Business Setup


Freezone business setup in the UAE offers you 100% ownership, but there are a few limitations when setting up business in a freezone. It is therefore important to speak with a consultant before opting for a free zone business setup in the UAE.



Successful companies we have helped setup
  • Prompt, professional, yet easy going. The crew at Falcon Corporate Services have managed to set up our company in one of Dubai’s Free Trade Zone in less than three week, obtained all of our licenses, permits, and visas, and had our operation up and running in no time. Andy and his team of consultants were way more helpful than expected, picked us up at the airport, had our accommodation, transportation, and all of the legal procedure prearranged. All we had to do was “Show Up”. Thank you for all your help. You guys are amazing!

    -ashley carson
  • Interested in doing business in Dubai or the UAE, no matter where, whether inland, offshore, or in one of the “Free Zones”. You have to take advantage of the services offered by these guys. They do it all from corporate licensing, visits and residency visas, set up your office even your or your company’s bank account. They are very helpful, informed me with all of my options and provided me with their recommendations. The “no pressure sales tactics” were very appreciated by me and my partners. Saved us some $$$ and a lot of hassles. Highly recommended!

    -Florida Gator
  • I would like to provide a comment on service provided by Falcon Corporate Services Dubai to set up a business for my wife and I in UAE. Service provided by Falcon was outstanding, professional and very clear and transparence. Specially, I would like to comment on Mr. Alex Farrow’s outstanding support. He was always responsive, available and working with him, you feel you have a share goal and mission to achieve. Many thanks Alex!

    -Mohammad Y
  • Really impressed with the professionalism and hard work of the Falcon team all throughout my business set up process, I would recommend Falcon and will definitely work with them again.

    -John Steans

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