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Similarly to the Nominee director service we offer this is an additional service we offer to select clients who are looking for the extra level of privacy.
This is part of our full privacy package and would shield your identity from all public register documents whilst retaining control over the company.
A service such as this is at our discretion due to its high potential for abuse.
We can offer Nominees for most jurisdictions. Please give us a call to discuss options now or jump on a chat with our team in the box below to discuss this further.


Need a company setup but can’t be on the board? Not a problem with our nominee Director team.
We have several of our highly trusted Nominee Directors ready to take the position for you.
We have a small group of highly trusted individuals able to conduct themselves professionally in all situations available for hire. Part of our circle of trust these highly capable individuals are here for you for any documents or administrative deeds which require the Directors authorisations.

- Available 24/7 to sign your documents or approvals
- One off annual fee*
- Removes your name from all public documents
- Contractually have no power over the business
- Great work around for all non compete agreements

*Work permitting, if work load is out of the usual scope work is charged at 1000 AED per hour.


From the very outset of the arrangement we will have legal documents drafted showing the true ownership of the company is actually with yourself and that the nominee does not in fact hold any power or control over the company. This will state that all management decisions of the company are actually being carried out by yourself as the true owner or “ Ultimate Beneficial Owner” (UBO)

In terms of monthly salaries we do not charge in this format. We Charge a once yearly fee for the service carried out. This can include bank account setup.



Successful companies we have helped setup
  • Prompt, professional, yet easy going. The crew at Falcon Corporate Services have managed to set up our company in one of Dubai’s Free Trade Zone in less than three week, obtained all of our licenses, permits, and visas, and had our operation up and running in no time. Andy and his team of consultants were way more helpful than expected, picked us up at the airport, had our accommodation, transportation, and all of the legal procedure prearranged. All we had to do was “Show Up”. Thank you for all your help. You guys are amazing!

    -ashley carson
  • Interested in doing business in Dubai or the UAE, no matter where, whether inland, offshore, or in one of the “Free Zones”. You have to take advantage of the services offered by these guys. They do it all from corporate licensing, visits and residency visas, set up your office even your or your company’s bank account. They are very helpful, informed me with all of my options and provided me with their recommendations. The “no pressure sales tactics” were very appreciated by me and my partners. Saved us some $$$ and a lot of hassles. Highly recommended!

    -Florida Gator
  • I would like to provide a comment on service provided by Falcon Corporate Services Dubai to set up a business for my wife and I in UAE. Service provided by Falcon was outstanding, professional and very clear and transparence. Specially, I would like to comment on Mr. Alex Farrow’s outstanding support. He was always responsive, available and working with him, you feel you have a share goal and mission to achieve. Many thanks Alex!

    -Mohammad Y
  • Really impressed with the professionalism and hard work of the Falcon team all throughout my business set up process, I would recommend Falcon and will definitely work with them again.

    -John Steans

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